Salam and hi everyone.

If you have missed our MAEMHS RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT SERIES, don’t worry here are the recorded sessions for it.

01 MRHS2022 Dr Siti Yusrina – “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

02 MRHS2022 Dr Majed Wadi – “Mind your steps in assessment – Which formats provoking anxiety?”

03 MRHS2022 Dr Muhammad Hibatullah Romli – “How to teach online? An instructional design model for full online learning”

04 MRHS2022 Dr Kamran Sattar – ”Medical Students Enduring Challenging Times”

05 MRHS2022 Dr Nurhanis Syazni Roslan – “Enablers of Online Learning for Future Doctors”

06 MRHS2022 AP Dr Foong Chan Choong – “High versus low achieving pre-clinical students: What makes them different?”

Let’s learn from the findings of this awesome research. Have fun watching and have a great day everyone!

The montage video for the full MAEMHS Research Highlight Series 2022 is available at